Mortgage Prequalification

A few easy steps to determine your eligibility to purchase or refinance a residential property.

Would you like to maximize the return on your investment and enjoy the most for your dollars?   Step one is to examine your financial status with a mortgage “pre-qualification”.

The painless process to begin the financial stage of purchasing a property starts with an application for a pre-qualification letter used to submit an offer for a property listed for sale.  A pre-qualification letter for a purchase is based on the borrower’s credit history, verbal income and verbal employment stability and residential stability.  First Time Home Buyers find that working with Financial Access gain an educational experience about credit and loan programs that can be helpful through the loan process with limited to no problems from taking an application to settlement.  Financial Access, LLC is accessible to reach by calling Annamarie at 267-382-0690 anytime up to 9pm week days and weekends.

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